How we work

How We Work

We are enthusiastic about learning and sharing new knowledge, challenging existing frameworks, and using creativity and vitality to achieve products. Every step is user-centered.

01 Discussion

Before starting
Gather the wisdom of everyone, find out the core value of the product, and brew the driving force of action.

02 Definition

Set clear goals
After the creative divergence and discussion, converge and focus to confirm the direction and confirm the entry point.

03 Design

Make beautiful vision
Provide the best user experience through eye-catching screens and smooth interactive operations.

04 Development

Concretize ideas
Actually write programs, integrate the front and back ends, and let the idea go from virtual to shape.

05 Test

Repeated testing and testing
After thousands of trials and verifications, the quality management is strictly implemented, and no detail is missed.

06 Release

Announced to the market
Announce the product birth news to the outside world, collect market feedback, and begin to accept the test.

07 Marketing

Promote promotional products
Choose the right plan, carry out product promotion, and assist in achieving the goal.