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“Cirple Smart Community” and “Stranity”.

Cirple - Smart Community

Combined with “Intelligent Building Certification” issued by Taiwan R.O.C. government, ICT and IT industry development, Sky Mirror Corp. Taiwan has developed an intelligent community system with five major categories –Management, Recreation, Service, Inquiry and Sharing. Its purpose is to control, monitor and optimize building services including security, entrance guard and power conservation. People would love the technology and human-based management we provide while pursuing a decent space and environment for living.


[ Committee ] Announcement , Meeting records , Contact CMC , Public appointments, Voting , Memos, Fees, Financial statements , Purchase systems , Property labels management .
[ Family ] Mail parcels, Visitor records, Special vendors
[ Sociality ] Auction , Rent , Group buying , Sharing

Guard system

In addition to committee , family , sociality , the three major functions of Smart Community systems, security guards could carry a tablet PC, the electronic paperless service . The main features include : packages , visitors , patrol , Sign In/Out and etc.

Backend Administrator System : Download


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