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Sky Mirror is committed to contemporary software design, and continues to develop and innovate. Backed by excellent technology and professional services, Sky Mirror provides high-quality systems and excellent operating interfaces to meet the diverse needs of users. Sky Mirror creates greater value by providing partners with a variety of system solutions.

Core Spirit

  • Openness - With openness and innovation as the main core spirit, our products are continuously optimized and continuously adapted to the dynamic ecosystem.
  • Innovation - Continuous pursuit of differentiated thinking and continuous product value innovation.
  • Sharing - Learn to share various leading technologies, inject creativity into products and bring out product vitality.
  • Challenge - Never set limits. Create unlimited possibilities for products.

About Us

Our mission is to perfectly combine humanities and technology to enhance the quality and convenience of human life

How We Work

We are deeply involved in product development, brand marketing, and customer service to inject more energy into the market

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We recruit like-minded talents! If you are in line with our company's culture of sharing and co-creation, welcome!


We are good at cross-platform system development and cross-domain integration, with huge amounts of data and artificial intelligence technology, and continue to launch innovative original products into the market



Community E-based management platform
BBar Co., Ltd.
It can also be simple to make life smarter and happier.
Cirple integrates cloud database, property preservation and life value-added services to develop an innovative community management platform. Use the three apps of Family, Security, and Director General to meet the residents' requirements for real-time, safety and convenience, and build a perfect smart community living circle.



AI trading platform
Stranity Co., Ltd.
Make analysis more accurate and trading more professional.
Stranity team has accumulated more than 10 years of programming trading system development experience in Taiwan, which perfectly combines high-performance trading systems, artificial intelligence, big data analysis and other technologies. Adhering to the original intention of our company, making program trading simpler and more popular. The original complex trading system construction and maintenance turn simple and easy to use through the effort of our team.



Food Discount King
BBar Co., Ltd.
Ordering meals are discounted and dining is more enjoyable.
Open the BBAR online ordering system. Even if you are late for dinner and sit at different tables, you can enjoy the fun of zero-distance simultaneous ordering. Non-contact ordering gives each other a sense of safe distance. It’s gospel for foodies! You can enjoy exclusive dining discounts when you order food on the platform. Want to save money when you eat? Go to the BBAR!

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